Economic multipliers are an outcome to be managed. Go beyond the multiplier to see opportunity and act.

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Accountability, made simple.

We support your performance management processes, from planning to managing, measuring, and auditing.

Multi-criteria smart growth

Our smart growth app puts economic life cycle impacts in a multi-criteria decision framework. Use rankings of economic development alternatives to support decision-making, or work with your planners to meld the economic performance table into a comprehensive sustainable planning analysis.

Round-by-round impacts

We trace production in a round-by-round manner back through the supply chain and forward through the spending of income, so you get an understanding of where connections weaken between supply and demand in your local economy, and which connections merit management, measurement and auditing.

Pro forma impacts

Get a workbook packed with industry, workforce, earnings, and energy data and charts that you can easily format. Simply enter your economic development scenario and we account for all connections over the production and income life cycles to produce pro forma impact budgets.

Energy accounting

With sustainability becoming a larger component of planning, we developed state-specific energy parameters to estimate energy fuel use and associated emissions for your economic development projects.

Performance targets

Our pro forma impact budgets use an upper limit of local expansion capacities or a less aggressive local supply assumption. You choose, then challenge yourself to hit these performance targets. Economic multipliers are an outcome to be managed.


Performance management includes measuring actual results against targets, and auditing of these results. This process provides not only public accountability, but performance improvement within your economic development agency.

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We created a new breed of apps for state and local economic development, planning, and policy professionals, designed specifically to support their performance management processes.

Tom Yoder

"Decisions are rarely made on sunny days. Mostly, we determine our path forward under the gray skies of probability."

David Vogt

"After many years of providing decision support, I'm more convinced than ever that vetting data is the most critical task to avoid making poor decisions."

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