About Us

We love data, regional science, market analysis, and working with clients to support their decision-making processes. We have spent our careers as economic research practitioners, developing analytic technology apps and performing economic policy and market studies to support policy-makers, program managers, and executives. Our project experience includes working with government agencies, industry and civic associations, and corporations and small businesses in the energy, transportation, agriculture, utility, education, and defense sectors.

Tom Yoder, PhD

Tom is located in Wooster, Ohio.
Mobile: 330.201.7458
Email: tyoder@decisioncommerce.com
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Tom is the managing director of Decision Commerce Group. He is a business and regional economist with twenty-five years of experience in economic and policy analysis, market research and strategy, and business planning and budgeting. His experience includes developing decision support software and apps to support policy and business decision-making. He earned his doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee with specializations in public finance and natural resource economics.

David Vogt, PhD

Dr. Vogt is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Mobile: 865.604.4213
Email: davidvogt@me.com

Dr. Vogt recently retired as a Distinguished R&D Staff Member from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He serves as an affiliated consultant with DCG. During his thirty-five year tenure at ORNL, Dr. Vogt established the Regional Studies Program in which he developed and implemented a wide range of regional economic models and assessments. His work included developing methods and decision support tools for assessing how national energy and growth policies impact regional economic systems. Dr. Vogt earned a doctorate degree in Economics from Syracuse University with specializations in International Trade Theory and Econometrics.