Industry economic contribution

Our industry contribution workbook accounts for the total contribution of an industry back through the supply chain and forward through the spending of income. Unlike an economic expansion case, in which we account for the impacts of expanded production in an area, an industry contribution case accounts for the impacts of the current level of production for an industry.

Online information

To generate a workbook, you simply need to 1) select your county, group of counties, metro or micro area, or state 2) select your industry or define an industry complex, 3) enter the amount of annual sales if known; otherwise we use our estimate of industry sales, 4) choose your local purchasing method, and 5) enter your billing information. That's it! Fill in the form, click the submit button, and the contribution workbook will be delivered to your email address in a couple of minutes. Note that if you are performing an analysis of an individual firm rather than an industry, you will need to enter values for the amount of annual sales of that firm.

We offer three options for local purchasing method: 1) Local market supply ratio that takes into account current supply chain trading patterns, 2) Capacity constraints of 100% of current capacity, which represents an upper accounting limit for industry contribution, and is appropriate if local purchasing rules or preferences are in effect, and 3) Capacity constraints of 20% of current capacity, which is appropriate for accounting for the contribution of an individual firm instead of the entire industry.

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Click to view a sample industry contribution workbook or to view a sample contribution brief prepared by our staff.

The price for this workbook is $20 for each case. We generate an invoice and include it in the workbook each time the app is run. For your convenience, we accept checks and credit card payments through Paypal. Payment is due upon receipt.