Government expenditure contribution reporting

We perform expenditure contribution reporting on a project basis. First we build a bridge between the government's financial chart of accounts and the economic chart of accounts for industries and commodities. Then we submit the data to our life cycle accounting engine to generate the pro forma contribution workbook. All that we need to begin is a data file of expenditures, which we can download from open checkbook systems if available.

Information about the report

Many state, county, and city governments now provide open, online access to their financial transaction data. Governments can convert these financial transactions into an accounting of their local economic contribution by linking to our economic life cycle accounting engine. Our accounting engine performs all the calculations to produce pro forma reports of expenditure life cycle output, income, employment, energy consumption and associated carbon emissions generated by government operations. Read our paper, Adding Economic Life Cycle Accounting to Open Checkbooks, to better understand economic accounting and the benefits of implementing the accounting process for your government. And check out our Sample Brief using open checkbook data for Wayne County, Ohio.

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