Project economic impact

Our online accounting form generates a pro forma accounting workbook for an economic expansion case. The workbook includes values for the criteria listed in the multi-criteria planning app as well as all of the standard economic impact data, such as gross local product, earnings, and employment. We also include a listing of key demand-supply connections, and details on workforce requirements.

Online information

To generate a workbook, you simply need to 1) select your county, group of counties, metro or micro area, or state 2) select your industry production category or categories and enter the amount of annual sales, 3) choose your local purchasing method, either capacity constrained or location quotient, and 4) enter your billing information. That's it! Fill in the form, click the submit button, and the impact workbook will be delivered to your email address in a couple of minutes.

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For more information about the workbook, please read our user guide. This guide discusses the choice of local purchasing method and the information found on each sheet in the workbook. Click to view a sample impact workbook, or to view a sample impact brief prepared by our staff.

The price for this workbook is $20 for each case. We generate an invoice and include it in the workbook each time the app is run. For your convenience, we accept checks and credit card payments through Paypal. Payment is due upon receipt.