Multi-criteria planning

Our planning workbook provides decision analysis scores for economic development alternatives across multiple criteria. With the online form, you can evaluate three industry development alternatives across seven economic criteria. For example, if looking to develop or re-develop land with industrial, office, or trade zoning, you can enter three alternatives and evaluate which alternative performs best on the economic criteria that matter to you. If your situation requires more alternatives or criteria, just contact us and we will create a planning workbook for you.

Online information

To generate the workbook, you simply need to 1) select your location, 2) define up to three alternatives that each can include up to five production activities, 3) select decision criteria and weights, and 4) enter your billing information. That's it! Enter the information, click the submit button, and the planning workbook will be delivered to your email address in a couple of minutes. Just follow the links below to get started.

Click to view a sample workbook that includes the decision analysis accounting tables. Since we provide you with normalized values for each alternative and criteria, these economic values can simply be entered into a comprehensive multi-criteria decision analysis to support the larger planning process. For information about multi-criteria decision analysis and how to interpret the the information in the workbook, please read our user guide.

The price for this service is $20 for each case. We generate an invoice and include it in the workbook. For your convenience, we accept checks and credit card payments through Paypal. Payment is due upon receipt.

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