Multi-criteria planning accounting

Begin by defining local area and alternatives. Then click on the Criteria tab and define decision criteria and weights. When finished, click on the Performance Template tab to generate the performance table template. Review the template, enter your billing information, then submit the case to generate the workbook.

Multi-criteria planning form

Case Information
Enter a description for the case and select a location for the decision analysis, then define at least two industry development alternatives. Each alternative can have up to five production activities. Each production value must be at least $100,000.

Development Alternative 1

Development Alternative 2

Development Alternative 3

Select at least two and up to seven criteria for making a decision, then define weights to indicate the relative importance of each criterion. The weights must add up to one. For example, if you define five criteria and each criterion is of equal importance, then assign a weight of 0.2 to each criterion. Please note that selecting a weight of 0.1 for one criterion and a weight of 0.2 for another indicates that the second criterion is twice as important.

Select multiple criteria and weights

The performance table template is shown below. Please do a final review to make sure the alternatives, criteria, and weights are defined as you wish for this case. If you need to make changes, click on the tabs, make your changes, and then click on the Performance Template tab again to generate a new template.

If everything is correct, fill in the billing information and submit your case to generate the results. Our decision algorithms will compute the normalized values (NV) for each cell and calculate rankings of alternatives.

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Enter billing information