Economic research services

We offer research services on a project basis to address significant issues and investment opportunities. We work with you to define the scope and pricing per project.

Please contact David Vogt if you are interested in receiving a proposal from us.

Benefit-cost analysis

We perform Benefit-Cost Analysis to support investment decisions and the preparation of funding proposals. Our detailed spreadsheets support sensitivity analysis to different assumptions and investment scenarios.

Regional economic studies

We design and perform regional impact and industry contribution studies to support policy, planning, and investment decisions. We often team with subject matter experts to combine our accounting expertise with specific industry expertise.

Industry market studies

We design and perform market studies to support asset investment, business development, and product portfolio planning decisions. We specialize in energy, transportation, and agriculture markets.

Peer reviews

We provide professional reviews of regional economic impact and industry contribution studies, benefit-cost analyses, and economic development planning documents.

Cost effectiveness analysis

We analyze the cost-effectiveness of agency programs using data and econometric analyses. Our analysis includes process analysis to identify how to improve program delivery.